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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Service Excellence

With our many years of experience in high altitude trekking and continuous feedback from our customers, we know how to help you make your dream come true! We know the best tea houses serving delicious meals or accommodations and that have been appreciated by our past guests. We have the best itineraries to optimize your chances of adapting to the altitude. Moreover, we advise you on your physical preparation before your experience in high altitude following the best practices. With our certified guides, we ensure your health and safety at all times during the adventure with detailed procedures and rescue plans. Finally, our guides offer you a unique experience 100% focused on yourself, your adventure, your safety and your success!


As an organization directly related to nature, our goal is to save the environment by adopting eco-responsible practices. Mount Everest base camp is becoming more and more polluted and we stand out by our zero waste practices appreciated by our customers. We are recognized by the Nepali Tourism Department and the Nepal Tourism Board, as well as by the United States of America.


In Nepal, we are not only responsible for the environment, but also for the employment, health and education of society. Our goal is to improve the life of the local community and by adopting fair practices while giving back to our community. We are recognized by the Association of Hiking Agents in Nepal, the Mountaineering Association of Nepal

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